Tamar Group

About Tamar Group

The Tamar Group was established in 1998 by former special unit officers of the Israel Defense Forces and of other security and intelligence agencies. The Tamar Group works closely with various Israeli government entities and several key worldwide agencies. Its mission is to provide customers with a wide range of high-end services, providing expertise in design, development and customized implementation of activities involving explosives.

The Group is comprised of several companies:

X-Test develops and manufactures advanced products and training aids that increase the effectiveness of security personnel in a wide range of applications. X-Test™ inert explosives precisely replicate actual explosives in color, texture, odor (canine compatible), density, and X-ray and CT signatures. These products, along with X-Test's range of training programs and consulting services, are used worldwide by all major regulatory entities to train security personnel at airports, seaports, prisons, mega events and more.

XDsystems develops state-of-the-art technologies that assist security personnel with their operation requirements in any secured environment, including brand-independent training simulators, Red Team activity trackers, X-ray image library and more. XDsystems also provides access to knowledge and updates from worldwide regulatory agencies, and is currently deployed in security-related applications throughout the world for aviation, customs, transportation, buildings and a range of other sectors.

BioExplorers has developed a revolutionary detection system based on highly sensitive biological sensors. The unique capabilities of this patented solution present an innovative approach to the detection of prohibited substances (explosives, narcotics, etc.), providing high detection rates and very low false and nuisance alarms. In objective tests, the BioExplorers system has successfully detected a variety of explosive materials, where the most advanced technological systems in use today have failed.

Tamar Explosives provides comprehensive solutions and services requiring the use of explosives, including tunneling, demolition and advanced quarrying. The company's R&D Division utilizes advanced state-of-the-art equipment including measurement and monitoring devices, PCB shockwave gauges, Photron high speed video, VOD gauges and blasting mats, to test the wide variety of explosive materials that serve the explosives industry. The company currently employs more than 40 highly qualified professionals, most of whom acquired their experience while serving in elite explosive ordnance disposal units of the Israel Defense Forces and in Israeli intelligence agencies.

Tamar Aviation operates a deluxe Bell 407 helicopter, offering both unforgettable tourist trips and luxurious personal flights for business executives. Specially designed for VIP flight, the helicopter seats up to 6 passengers and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system. With non-stop flight capability of 2 ½ hours at 130 knots (230 km/hr), it can cover a distance of over 500 km. The helicopter is also utilized for commercial aerial photography and to provide transit for Tamar's customers.

The Israeli Explosives Safety Center (IESC) was established following special request by the Israeli government, to act as Israel's first national laboratory for site planning and dealing with Q-Ds under safety requirements. The IESC is certified by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), and provides its services to the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Air Force, Home Front Command, and other Israeli military agencies, defense industries and government agencies. IESC experts offer training courses, consulting and engineering solutions for any organization, business or entity dealing with explosives safety.

The National Fireworks Laboratory operates as the field test lab of the Standards Institution of Israel (SII). It provides expert testing and examination of pyrotechnic products made locally and internationally, and is the sole body authorized to certify the importing, marketing and activation of foreign-made pyrotechnic products in Israel. Representatives of the National Fireworks Laboratory are also certified to provide expert opinions and advice in professional commission and forums. The laboratory performs all tests according to the European safety standards EN15947 and EN16261.